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About us

The oasis Cafe

When envisioning what would become The Oasis Cafe, we had a simple mission: To build a welcoming, inclusive and safe space for all, that would encourage unity. Somewhere we could share our heritage and experiences through food.

Our food is an homage to the people of all different backgrounds who came to this country and made it our home.

Many of our signature items are inspired by regional dishes in the US and immigrant's essential role in the development of that cuisine. Our Arabic inspired dishes come from Ramzi's Palestinian heritage and immigrant parents. We would love to share all of it with you. After all, a mixing and sharing of cultures from around the world is what makes America great.

The Oasis Cafe, is just that. A rare refuge from the mundane and monotonous. An escape from the everyday. Your secret clubhouse, a meeting place for new friends, a hidden oasis in the desert of office buildings.

About Chef Ramzi:

My vision is one of unity, whether on the table or moving through world. This reflects in my experience in food and every part of my life, and my goal for The Oasis, and what it will ultimately become.

What’s in your heart is what you put out on the table. As above, so below. I’ve been so fortunate to have amazing mentors who have helped me to distill and crystallize these ideas into a mission. In my culinary career so far, I've had the amazing fortune to work for award winning chefs Bobby Flay, Andrew Whitcomb, and Jerry Traunfeld. While they all create their own famously enigmatic tapestries of flavor, they each taught me a deep respect for the ingredients that nature around us provides.

These masters helped to cultivate my culinary skill while they, taught me how to cultivate ingredients from the soil to our tables.

At Chef Flay's Gato, I was taught how to meld the flavors of the Mediterranean with the American Southwest. Chef Whitcomb instilled deep knowledge and devotion to the the dire importance of eating sustainably, seasonally, and most importantly, ethically. Chef Traunfeld allowed me to get my hands dirty, at Lionhead and Poppy, while he taught me about the cultivation of plants and herbs in the garden right behind both restaurants, where we harvested ingredients to use in our menu offerings daily. At Chef Traunfeld’s famous Lionhead, he and Chef Kenny MF Lee introduced me to an entire new palette to paint a plate with, the flavors of Sichuan. After apprenticing under Chef Lee and his vast mastery of Chinese cuisine, I was handed the reigns as Chef of Lionhead. There, I learned about respect and the importance of local ingredients, both from Chef Traunfeld’s personal philosophy, and the deep reverence for local ingredients in the Sichuan Region.

And most importantly, my original deep love of cooking and its ability to bring unity and love to everyone that sits at the table, comes from my mom, dad, and grandmothers. Since I could talk, I’ve been following them around their kitchens, tugging on their apron strings. This was usually to either ask for a treat or for them to show me how they were casting their culinary magic. All four have deep knowledge of Palestinian and Lebanese cooking that I grew up with. Thanks to them, I have been learning and cooking almost my entire life, and will continue to for as long as it brings people together, which will be forever.


4909 Murphy Canyon Road #100
San Diego, CA


Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri
7:30 AM - 2:00 PM