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About us

We offer unique takes on regional street food created by the melding of different cultures. Our food is an homage to the people of all different heritages who came to this country and made it our home.  We are an inclusive and safe space for everyone. Come share a meal with us!

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we can't wait to cater your next event!

Whether it be board meetings, work luncheons, training, conferences, or even a party, The Oasis Cafe is here for you.

In addition to items from our regular menu, we can develop personalized menus, highlighting fresh, seasonal ingredients to compliment your event theme, style and budget. We are happy to try and accommodate any special dietary needs.



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chef ramzi


chef ramzi

My vision is one of unity, whether on the table or moving through world. This reflects in my experience in food and every part of my life, and my goal for The Oasis, and what it will ultimately become.

What’s in your heart is what you put out on the table. As above, so below. I’ve been so fortunate to have amazing mentors who have helped me to distill and crystallize these ideas into a mission. In my culinary career so far, I've had the amazing fortune to work for award winning chefs Bobby Flay, Andrew Whitcomb, and Jerry Traunfeld...

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7:30 AM - 2:00 PM